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Writing Jobs >> Writing Articles >> Writing Career Feature >> How to be a Successful Freelance Writer
  • Writing Career Feature

How to be a Successful Freelance Writer

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A career as a freelance writer is not easy to set up nor is finding steady work as a freelance writer. The job provides you with the luxury of working from anywhere in the world at any time of your choice but it comes with the risk of not being able to generate a steady income. Freelance writers are more often faced with the dilemma of taking up the job full time or part time. The key is of learning that one-time jobs will not keep you on your feet. A steady income can be generated only from a reliable client who will keep coming back to you in search of unique and quality content. To garner these steady income jobs there are things one can do and steps to follow that will assure enough income.

A freelance writer needs to be able to keep up with deadlines. They will also be required to cater to several different niches as per the requirement of the client. Being available online during a specific time with the client is also crucial to discuss ongoing projects and future projects.

A sure shot way to ensure steady freelance writing jobs is to strike a deal with a market that complements yours. For example web designers and graphic designers are always on the lookout for good writers for their clients. In such cases strike a deal with them such that both your businesses can benefit. While they will refer you to their clients for copy writing jobs you can do the same for them. This is one way to gain new clients and set up a friendly and healthy working relationship with people from the same niche.

Zero in on your target audience and then market your services. In this way you can make sure that clients providing freelance writing jobs can find you easily enough. Keep aside a certain amount of time every week to target clients and freelance writing forums to know what is on the market currently. Learn the art of using the right keywords while searching for freelance writing jobs. Every time you visit a forum or job board for freelancers watch out for words like on-going, full time writers, long term basis etc.. This will help you meet the right kind of client who can provide you with enough work to keep you busy.

Do not be disheartened when you can't find steady clients immediately. As with all jobs it is just a matter of time before you find stability. Freelancers are often carried away by a large number of short term projects but the key is to impress your clients with good quality work. Being prompt with your work can again mean a level of trust that is developed among you and your client. Ensure that all of the content you provide is unique and has no duplicated content in it. A breach in a client's trust can mean the end of most writers' careers.

Try and learn more about the websites you are writing for before you go out there and start writing. It is preferable to stick to a particular genre of topics as you know what you are writing about. However research is the key and out of experience the highest paid writers are those who are willing to write on any topic given to them. Make sure you get the gist of what your client requires before you start writing. Read through all the documents the client provides you with before you submit your articles. Do a double check on all your articles to eliminate unwanted worries like typing errors and spelling errors etc. Be sure to ask for more work from reliable clients to make sure there is enough work coming in.

A degree in English or a PhD is preferable. Good knowledge of written English is mandatory along with sufficient knowledge of how to use the computer and the internet. Another requirement is an excellent command over the English language and proficiency in using the computer and the internet. A certain amount of technical knowledge is also necessary. Basic training in writing, editing, and typing is required. Experience as a writer, editor or experience as a tutor will be helpful. A freelance writer can work from anywhere in the world with just a computer and an internet connection. The global prospects of this career are humongous. The salaries of this job are around $50,000 to $56,000 annually.

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